Playing with light

Under the premise of "thinking through making," Lucy McRae held a two-day workshop at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. A light installation was created from garbage, a wooden frame and a theater lamp.

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Thinking through making

Under the premis of “thinking through making”, british designer and artist Lucy McRae, held a two day workshop at the university of applied arts in vienna. The students had a few hours to develop something with simple household resources and a basic set of tools. By deliberately leaving out a clear narrative objective, the working method of the popular “thinking through making” approach was trained.

lamp and cage


From two intuitive decisions and the aesthetic appeal of packaging nets, the idea of developing a room installation was born within a few minutes. A wooden cage in which differently sewn nets could be hung was installed. A spotlight projected a ray of light through the hanging and threw the resulting image onto a brick wall.

person in orange room

room in orange light

By ventilating the cage with a fan and a hair dryer, a random movement of the nets was induced. The resulting projections allow a randomly generated interpretation surface. What can you see in it?

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This Project was co-created by Valentina Sturn.