Overcoming Disgust

Taking a cue from the phenomenon of show cooking, where the consumption of food – strangely – becomes a celebrated spectacle, we envisioned an insect show kitchen where customers would be shown the process from flash freezing the insects to the finished dish. 7 dishes were developed in parallel with the cooking machine.

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Eating Insects

Although it would have environmental advantages – the most relevant ones amongst them being the low amount of water required to produce 1kg of protein and the rapid rate of reproduction – many people find the thought of eating insects repulsive. To move insect food in a familiar environment, the cliche-heavy show-cooking experience «La Nourriture du Futur» was invented.

insect cooking machine

insect menu Menu Card

The cooking machine

The centerpiece of the project is the cooking machine with which the chef creates a show for the customers. He begins by freezing the insects in the cold sector of the machine, using liquid nitrogen(LN2). He then proceeds to cook the ingredients (insects included) within the heated, rotating drum and adds the necessary spices. Depending on the dish, certain special effects can be created throughout the process, for instance, a flambé during the making of the dessert.

prototyping First Model

welding Bracket for bearings

metall workshop Finished Frame

La Nourriture du Futur

The chef prepares seven different meals – all containing insects – on a custom-made cooking machine. This would allow the customers to see exactly what they are consuming (thus creating a tighter connection between them and their food) as well as perceive it in a different light due to the appealing smell, taste and aesthetic, both of the food and the restaurant itself. By using the cliché of the «fancy restaurant», we try to critique the justification of eating environmentally questionable food by hiding it behind appealing aesthetics.

Loading Video

freezing insects with liquid nitrogen Freezing with LN2

spice tubes Ingredient section

heating up the drum Heated, rotating drum

adding butter and raspberry Cooking show

flambé Flambé

dessert rapid puff Dessert is served


This Project would not have been possible without the amazing help of Claudia Montalvo, Paul Mairböck, ID2Team and the «dieAngewandte» Metall-Workshop.

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