Suspension Lamp

Suspension lamp is a luminaire made of stainless steel and glass. A combination of standardized parts, an Ikea vase, turned parts and bent sheet metal form the assembly.

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A Lamp? Original!

Pragmatism can sometimes be very helpful to get started, learn various new things, and strive for a high level of detail and quality. Since I wanted to learn the digital manufacturing process of cutting and bending sheet metal, I decided to convert a leftover vase into a very simple suspension lamp.

sketch Early sketches


I knew I wanted the lamp to appear as a floating cylinder surrounded by a glass rim and hung on a very distinctive stainless steel clamp. The glass was drilled – or rather sanded – out with a diamond-tipped can drill. The clamp was designed and sent to the manufacturing unit within a few hours. It was laser-cut from stainless V2 and bent with great precision to the desired angels. In order to connect a steel cable to the construction, a cylinder made of V2 with a centered hole was threaded at both ends. Thanks to the high-precision machining, everything came together nicely.

glas-cutting Slowly sanding through glass

clamp cad Designing the Clamp

lathe from side

Conclusion & Afterlife

After the project was finished, I had a very decent looking lamp. Nice. However, as mentioned earlier, this was never the ultimate intention of this project. From a different perspective, I gained practical experience with manufacturing methods that are going to accompany me in future projects.

suspension lamp close up

floating lamp


Designed and developed by Leo Mühlfeld. Machining support by Matthias Pfeffer and Ben Schneider.

Made with care.