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December 2022 · Animation · For: dform

Bonn – Die Letzten ihrer Art

→ Animations & video for the exhibition "Die Letzten ihrer Art" shown at Bundeskunsthalle Bonn.

The last of their kind

During my internship at the Viennese design studio dform I was tasked with creating some animations for the exhibition project "Die Letzten ihrer Art". In the course of history, countless professions have emerged and disappeared or had to adapt to social and technical change, particularly as a result of industrialization. This process has gained additional momentum through globalization and digitization. The exhibition "Die Letzten ihrer Art" takes a look at professional change in North Rhine-Westphalia (GER) and is dedicated to five endangered professions.

Types of bread

A list of over 500 types of bread was fed via a script into an After Effects template I created. The bread types then moved smoothly along a path. The projection background was an exhibit of the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn. On an old wooden board of a bakery the animation was projected onto two baguettes.

words are animated and projected onto a baguette
animated types-of-bread
words are projected onto a baguette
News broadcast ©ARD 2022

Jobs in flux

In a separate projection room the animation "Jobs in flux" was shown. In this typo-animation job descriptions of the past dissolved and became part of a gigantic sea of letters. Afterwards, job descriptions of newly emerging professions were formed from the letters.

animated job titles
animated job titles
animated job titles projected in a room
projection room


For the promotion of the exhibition, I took the poster designed by Bernhard Poppe and created animated loops for Instagram as well as a video signet, bumpers for the documentary video and a large loop in 16:9 format, which was shown on the large LED wall in the outdoor area of the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn.

a big led-wall displaying an animated poster
led-wall on the facade


The exhibiton "The last of their kind" was designed by dform. Poster design by Bernhard Poppe.