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April 2023 · Ceramics · For: Myself

Small Solitaire

→ Small Solitaire is a small and compact solitaire game. It is played with glass marbles.

Ceramic solitaire board game
ceramic solitaer game

How to play

The game is played as follows. At the beginning, 32 marbles are placed in 33 holes, leaving the middle hole empty. One marble can always jump over another. The condition is that the target field is free. The marble that was jumped over by another marble during a move may be placed in the groove at the edge of the board. It is necessary to be tactically smart so that as many balls as possible end up in the "out" before no further moves are possible.

hand playing the solitaire board game
playing the game

Design of the Board

The game board was hand kneaded from clay and a raw firing was done. For the design we oriented ourselves on the solitaire game of my grandparents. We chose an extravagant glaze and performed the glaze firing. On the bottom we attached rubber studs to prevent slipping.

ceramic solitaire board game from above
the game from above


This project was designed together with Lucy Li. Many thanks to Stefan Schönauer and the ceramics studio of the University of Applied Arts Wien for the firings.