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April 2017 · Motion Design · For: dieGraphische

Spindst Du?

→ Spindst Du? was the final exhibition of projects from high school years. Can Denzer an me were tasked with creating motion design elements for the screens of the exhibition.

Good Times

When our 5 year education at a higher technical school for media design came to an end, an exhibition with the best works from the last 5 years of joint creation was commissioned, as is customary for final classes. The class was divided into four groups for implementation. While most of my classmates were involved in the technical and graphic implementation as well as the actual exhibition construction, I took over the animation team together with Can Denzer, Eren Puke and Bernhard Riedl. The goal of the animation team was to create material for audiovisual advertising channels as well as bumpers, trailers and video walls. We were in close contact with the design team to achieve the highest possible visual consistency.

The Students

It was clear to us very early on what the main focus would be. The students themselves. Over the past 5 years, of course, we have all made a name for ourselves, with special peculiarities, for which one or the other was known. In short clips, which should become an essential part of the visual communication, we asked our classmates for short improvisations which can be just spontaneous but also reference events of the past few years.

green screen and guy with flowers
Still from one of the animated bumpers

Lets Animate!

A 30 second trailer was developed to promote the exhibition, all students appear and the visual elements are shown in full. The soundtrack is a cover of "the future is now" by Griz. We opted for a self-produced cover version, because we can achieve auditory consistency with other video elements. For example: the bumpers. The bumpers were actually the biggest chunk of work on this project. Almost 50 projects all had to be equipped with opening credits, introducing creators(students), title, year of production and category of the project to the prospective viewer. Since we also had to reckon with subsequent requests for changes, we developed a script that, with the help of After Effects expressions, inserted the input values ​​of an online form, into the respective compositions and automatically fed the project to the render queue. Unique visual styles had been developed for the four categories of animation, photography, video & film as well as illustration. These style-changing snippets were inserted into the respective bumpers. We tried to communicate visually which category the following content belongs to.

animation visual
photography visual
film visual
Video & Film
illustrations visual

In addition to the trailer and the bumpers, content was also produced for a video wall. A frame with clips of students wandered across the 4K screen in a DVD-player screen-saver manner. Information, such as the timeframe and location of the exhibition was communicated.

The final Exhibition

The exhibition was presented in empty locker blocks from our school. After all, the locker is the only bit of private space available to a student during school time. A locker says a lot about a person, much like his own room. At the end of our school days, we wanted to open the doors of our lockers for everyone to show people how we developed during our school days. The content, which each student could curate her- or himself, was presented on tablets built into the lockers.


This part of the project was co-created by Can Denzer, Bernhard Riedl and Eren Puke. Special thanks to the tutors Bernhard Comploj, Philipp Mold, Andreas Pawlik and Maik Perfahl. This Installation was sponsored by Samsung.