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May 2017 · Video · For: dform

Subtext: Typedesign

→ Video documentation of the exhibition Subtext: Typedesign. An exhibition about Austrian type design.


Subtext: Typedesign archives designs by over 50 designers working locally to worldwide and presents typeface designs with a connection to Austria. The exhibition design was developed by the Viennese design studio dform and consists of a wooden construction held together by laser-cut metal letters. Panels, posters, exhibits and interactive stations were built into the resulting system.

A woman watching a poster showing typography
The exhibition explored Austrian typedesign
Some prints from the exhibition


Together with Rafael Schlager I was asked to capture the exhibition audiovisually. We made numerous film recordings and put them together to a short video. In addition, I sampled a typewriter and created the appropriate music for the video. Rafael Schlager created the photographic documentation for the exhibition.

Black lasercut acrylic letters
Lasercut acrylic letters

Hands-On Stations

Special attention was paid to hands-on stations and the Specimen-Bot programmed by Johannes Lang. The bot printed out dynamically generated font specimens that visitors could take with them. Interactive communication of content is one of dform's specialties and was therefore given special attention.

A hands-on station
Hands-on stations to experience typography interactively.


Pictures & Co-Videograohy by Rafael Schlager. Exhibiton design by dform.. Exhibiton by Typographische Gesellschaft Austria.