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June 2023 · Exhibition Design · For: Gemeindebau

Tiny Art Run

→ Interactive contribution for the Tiny Art Run by Carlo Zappella at the Angewandte Festival 2023.

overview of the art exhibiton tiny art run
overview of the tiny art run

Tiny Art Run

The Tiny Art Run is an interactive group exhibition initiated by Carlo Zapella and created by many. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey from the initial spark that led them to art to "Tiny Art Basel". Visitors are invited to drive a remote-controlled car carrying a transport box. On their way through the collectively designed exhibition, they encounter all kinds of obstacles that put their skills to the test. The route consists of several sections designed by students from different departments of die Angewandte.

a wooden box with pvc covered entrance
our contribution

Our contribution

With my collective gemeindebau.im, we worked on a submission for the Tiny Art Run. A large wooden box with only one entrance and one exit was covered with PVC slats to prevent visitors from seeing inside the box. While the visitors were distracted to master the parkour a light barrier was triggered by the car. A microcontroller recognized this and randomly played one of twenty sound files over a radio link at a completely different location in the building.

simple sketch showing a light barrier
first sketch
3D-model of a laser-diode mount
3D-printed laser-diode mount
the inside of a wooden box illuminated with red lights
light barrier from the inside
a rc-car coming out of a wooden box
car triggers the light barrier


Project created with gemeindebau.im. Tiny Art Run is a collective show initiated by Carlo Zapella. Last minute coding support by Lucy Li.