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April 2023 • Product Design • Made for : Felix Lenz

VLF Antenna

→ Hand-wound VLF antenna made of aluminum and copper.

ai generated image of oragne lightning strikes
VLF frequencies *serviervorschlag

What is VLF

VLF is a radio sepcturm ranging from 3kHz to 30kHz. The electromagnetic signals are produced naturally by the earths ionosphere and include lightning strikes, northern lights and some technologies that emit waves in this spectrum. A famous example would be the low 50hz hum emitted from 50hz power grids.

The Antenna

These Frequenices can be picked up by an inductor which is basically a large loop of conducting wire that picks up magnetic fluctuations. If we solder the two ends to an audio-jack. We can amplify the signal and listen to it.

picture of a vlf-antenna hanging in the air
vlf-antenna ©Felix Lenz 2023


The flightweight frame consists of two welded aluminum rods with a recess milled in the end. The copper wire was wound around it and passed through a strain relief.

cad drawing of a aluminium cross forming a vlf antenna
simple cad-drawing


Project designed for- and together with Felix Lenz.. Milling by Angewandte Metallwerkstatt.