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November 2021 · Video & Film · For: Cartbrothers

Wood-e Videos

→ Wood-e is a solar-powered prototype vehicle with a wooden chassis. It was manufactured by the Viennese company Cartbrothers. I have created a short demo video and two short clips.

Main Video

The main video shows the vehicle from different angles. In particular, the video shows the vehicle design as well as important features such as solar operation and the possibility of using the vehicle as a power source for various 230V applications with the help of a built-in inverter.

Solar Power

The first of the two short clips shows that one can use the vehicle's batteries as a mobile power-bank anywhere. The inverter installed for this purpose supplies the power via a 230V socket at the rear of the vehicle. A toaster can thus be connected to this socket without any problems.


For a long time, finding a shaded parking space was considered a must for drivers. With wood-e, the arithmetic is reversed and parking in the sun helps the solar cells recharge the battery.


Wood-e is manufactured by Cartbrothers.