My name is Leo. I am a passionate and learning designer who currently lives and studies in Vienna. As I experiment in many directions, my projects increasingly pursue the goal of interactive educational design brought to life through the means of design and craft.


With the age of 14 I started studying at the department of "Multimedia" at "die Graphische", a higher technical school for media and communications design. While going to school, I gained experience in the fields of audiovisual media, art, photography, design and code. I graduated with a diploma.


Even as a small child, technology and handicrafts exerted a fascination on me. In order to learn about different design tactics, it was the logical step to combine my two main interests, design and technology. I started to study industrial design in Vienna.


With the goal of a common platform for design projects on which also rougher outputs can be published, Gemeinde Bau was created. Gemeinde Bau is a small and open design collective for anyone who wants to join. It's the place for that one project you've always had in the back of your mind.