My name is Leo. I am a passionate and learning designer living and studying in Vienna. In my work I take an optimistic and educational approach, bringing design and technology together to create hands-on objects, prototypes and multimedia content.


At the age of 14 I started studying at the department "Multimedia" at "die Graphische", a technical college for multimedia production. During school I gained experience in audio, film, photography, print and code. I finished my studies with a diploma.


In 2018, I started studying Industrial Design 2 in Vienna. Since then, I started designing in an exploratory way to investigate the possibilities of design in an ever changing world. Through interdisciplinary work, abstract themes become defined forms, product-prototypes, and stories.


With the goal of creating a common platform for design projects, "GemeindeBau" was founded. "GemeindeBau" is a small design collective that invites constructive exchange and collaborative work. "GemeindeBau" also runs its own prototype workshop in Vienna.